The Diamond Within Us

The Diamond Within Us – Lim Shin

That which dwells in Carbon,
That which shines through Blackness,
That which recognised as Guiding Light,
That which calls upon aged Reverence..

But Carbon it dwells, it dwells not;
Light it is, it is not;
Reverence it has, it has not.

The Diamond exists in all of Carbon,
In all of organic bodies,
In all of Universe –
Yet, is simply Carbon. But not.

Diamond, hardest of all, cuts through All, 
Existing withIn and withOut Whole.
Stripped of its name, its appearance and texture,
The mere existence lies within us;
simply molecules,
simply atomic particles,
simply nothing.
Because all is that is, zero. 

Poem inspired by the Diamond Sutra,
the “Diamond that Cuts Through All Illusions”. 
I was reading part of the Diamond Sutra this morning and this poem came into my mind, blending the logicalities and illogicalities. I thought i should quickly pen it down and share it! May it also bring you any form of inspiration to your own spiritual journey. 🙏 

Analysis of Poem:
First stanza,
Scientifically, we all know that Diamond is the name given to a variant, tetrahedral structure of the Carbon element, which gave it its properties among which, being one of the hardest natural substances on Earth. Its brilliant shine seem to penetrate even darkness, where the symbolic diamond (aka potential) within all humans lights up amongst fear and despair, seeming to guide and materially and symbolically, Diamond has been revered by humanity since eons for all its properties and the image of wealth it brings. 

However, contrary to the external appearance it shows and the seemingly concrete facts about it through cultures and history, these are simply illusive projections by humanity, which can disappear any moment. ‘Light it is, it is not’ is also an example of a scientific truth that diamond though brilliant, is not a light source but rather, reflections of the Sun’s rays. Certain words have been capitalised for its beginning alphabet to show that it is a noun, a name, and with deeper insight into it by individuals, can peel off several layers to its meaning. A surface example is ‘Blackness’, which represents the literal darkness and also a symbol of our deep-seated inner fears.

The emptiness and nothingness it carries, the wisdom it brings, are inconceivable through words – words are illusive expressions created. Only through internal individual experience.

In the last stanza, the Diamond exists in all of us as simply Carbon, as organic compounds and natural bodies. The word “All” refers to all layers of thought, mind, time and space, where the symbolic meaning of Diamond as Wisdom, will penetrate and pervade through time and space once realised. The word “Whole” refers to the whole of humanity and the Universe. And as we zoom in from the big picture brilliant diamond to the nano level, we reach a space where there is no measurement of any sort, where even the atomic particle that had seemed to exist, does not exist. That the ultimate root and the ultimate end, are the same and are simply nothing, simply zero – that which transcends and cuts through all. 

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