Science & Spirituality

Science and Spirituality have so much a tight yet harmoniously interwoven relationship that many of us are still unaware or in disbelief of. Though viewed as largely different in society, they are inevitably fused in an integrated and larger network of systems, as gradually revealed in pieces in quantum physics and quantum biology, partly similar … Continue reading Science & Spirituality

The Diamond Within Us

PoemThe Diamond Within Us - Lim Shin Diamond; That which dwells in Carbon,That which shines through Blackness,That which recognised as Guiding Light,That which calls upon aged Reverence..But Carbon it dwells, it dwells not;Light it is, it is not;Reverence it has, it has not.The Diamond exists in all of Carbon,In all of organic bodies,In all of Universe … Continue reading The Diamond Within Us

Ashtanga: A Letter to the Universe & my Self

This is a rumination dedicated to my journey in Ashtanga and an appreciation of thanks for all, this year. Dear Universe and to my Self, Until today, I had never thought of writing about my relatively short Ashtanga journey. To be honest, it has only been a total of 8 months (with two separate months of irregular … Continue reading Ashtanga: A Letter to the Universe & my Self

A Lesson to Pause

I have fallen ill. With not a doubt in my mind that I had pushed past my physical limits, I have been down for about two days at home, feeling terrible with an unquestionable exhaustion equivalent to a half-marathon under the scorching sun. Two days prior, I held a large group psychic reading session on … Continue reading A Lesson to Pause

Can You Change the Future?

Recent Korean dramas have been shining the spotlight on psychic abilities – abilities that baffle and amaze classic humans and hence make the perfect plots for dramas. On air since some weeks ago, 'While You Were Sleeping' focuses on one psychic ability – precognition, one that is close to my heart and my life and … Continue reading Can You Change the Future?

Human (or) Alien.

I had been getting a number of interesting reactions when I replied the all-common question shot at me, “What do you do (now)?”. Incredulous stares (they can’t believe what they just heard), awkward laughter openly (they think it's a joke regardless of my tone) and awestruck looks (they think it’s cool and that maybe we … Continue reading Human (or) Alien.