Science & Spirituality

Science and Spirituality have so much a tight yet harmoniously interwoven relationship that many of us are still unaware or in disbelief of. Though viewed as largely different in society, they are inevitably fused in an integrated and larger network of systems, as gradually revealed in pieces in quantum physics and quantum biology, partly similar to how the Arts and Sciences are linked and how our left and right brains are bridged by the corpus callosum.

Apart from the service work I do in healing, I’ve been teaching Science and English for 14 years and still am, teaching the moment I hit the legal age of working as a minor in school and even when I was dedicating most of my time in an organisation – I have to say it has been a very joyful journey so far, though at times, frustrating. Even as I wasn’t the brainiest then and disliked the barrage of concepts we had to memorise, I cannot deny that the study of Science is so fascinating it tickles the billion cells in my body. Add the divine perspective to it and you get such a miraculous inspiration in your daily life and to the purposes you are working for, it just blasts your brain and heart.
Did you know that the inventor of the Periodic Table and the Periodic Law conceived this foundational and systematic concept of Chemistry in a dream?

As said, Mendeleev recalled, “I saw in a dream, a table, where all the elements fell into place as required. Awakening, I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper.” (Strathern, 2000).

The periodic table as first drawn by Mendeleev in 1869:
📸 : © RIA Novosti / Photo Researchers, Inc.

You might have known though, that Albert Einstein was a well-known dreamer. 

The famous E=MC2 equation for the Theory of Relativity was inspired by Einstein’s dream, where he was hurtling down a steep mountainside, speeding faster and faster when he looked to the sky and saw the stars being altered in appearance as he approached the speed of light. This theory relates the three quantities of energy, mass and speed of light and tells that a tremendous amount of energy can be condensed into an atom of matter. It not only establishes the foundation of quantum mechanics but also asserts that time travel is possible when energy and mass are equivalent and transmutable (we relate to parallel dimensions and astral travel etc). His theories totally transformed the way we perceived the Universe then, a new conception of time.

Astronomers then (for the most part) also understood the Universe in parallel to the three laws of motion by Isaac Newton in 1686, with cracks gradually filled in by modern science.

Isn’t it mind-blowing? That dreams and the spiritual perspective assist in gaining more clarity and can give rise to insights typically unseen by our physical eye but by our inner eye. It is a wonderful quality for our scientists to be imaginative!

Such deep drilling into Science is fuelled by humans’ desire to understand the world we live in, and gives rise to our gradual understanding of the wide and divine Universe and its intricate and magical linings. The depth however, is limited by our physical drilling – not all can be understood by our physical brains and some unique experiences that lead to our understanding and realisation simply cannot be captured by words and formulas. 

So….., even if we don’t understand all of which that happens and works in the Universe, I’m pretty sure we’ll all turn out perfectly fine still!  😹 We don’t always need to understand every single thing that happens or try even harder to understand something that has not yet happened, no matter as fascinating as it can be! Why not simply revel in that unique experience of fascination in that moment? 🙂 🙏

📸 : © Hal Gatewood

“The future generation of students who will build and maintain our world will start seeing deeper into the intertwining concepts that sustain us. 🙏 Here i hope that my gift of communication and teaching will continue to benefit these young pillars who not only look to the elder but to their inner for wisdom and inspiration. ” – Shin

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