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I had kept several diaries throughout my growing up years, depicting sporadic thoughts and events that I refrained from sharing freely, in secret fear that my innermost thoughts would be discovered yet in secret hopes that someone would find and read them like magic and give attention to then seemingly fragile child. Moving past those growing up milestones, I have come to realise that they were all necessary human experiences in order to impart to me certain life lessons.

If you are or have been in similar shoes, have trust in the Universe and your higher self that all will be well and if you are or have been searching for the necessary answers, that you will find them soon.

cropped shoes

After trying pretty hard at a society-defined route for many years and still feeling unhappy, I decided it was about time I listened to the loving palpitations of my heart and living simply.

Life is tough, Life is challenging, Life is busy, Life is whatever.. We all know. But without taking action; moving your ass out of your current seat, you will never know what infinite potential you have and what Life has so much in store for you.

Make your own choices and embark on your path.
May my musings serve as one of the small steps or pebbles on your journey..

[Write, Writing, Writer…]

Go ahead and wonder, or wander, if you’d like to.
The natural curiosity we possess from birth gives us a strangely warm, exciting and merry feeling when we question the unknown and when we satiate our curiosity, a feeling of being alive. It is perfectly fine to slow down and observe, reflect, plan and write down your thoughts.

I graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with an honours degree in Business (Marketing) and had worked in a multinational corporation for years. I am now a Medical Reiki Master, a Reiki teacher, a healer and a psychic.

I am sensitive to energies (people, environment, objects etc.) and clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear physical feeling), clairempathy (clear emotional feeling) and claircognizant (clear knowing). I love yoga, natural expression through dancing and hiking among other forms of movement.

More about my bio here or my Reiki bio here.

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So much blessings,
Shin / Zhixin 

Blog originated in May 2016.