A Lesson to Pause

I have fallen ill.

With not a doubt in my mind that I had pushed past my physical limits, I have been down for about two days at home, feeling terrible with an unquestionable exhaustion equivalent to a half-marathon under the scorching sun.

Two days prior, I held a large group psychic reading session on past lives, had multiple readings and healings back to back after and a small family emergency popping up. It was only after the whole day was done that I realized I was like a car with an empty petrol tank running on negative.

Although this does not affect the accuracy and reliability of the messages I receive, it was a huge learning that this was too much energetically for my body to take. Bad sinus, hot eyes, dry throat and full body aches are some highlights, with full-on exhausting psychic dreams and increased sensitivity.

While at times feelings of obligation pop up (yes, my shit that I have to deal with) and I wish I can read for everyone immediately, the fact that has been drummed into me is, that I cannot energetically read for more than a number of people per week. Time gaps are needed to allow me to re-energise and balance so that I can give each reading and healing my full energy.

It may be a blessing in disguise that half who registered did not turn up for the donation-based event that day, otherwise the energy required to hold the space would be double and my downtime and the wait could be even longer. I am absolutely grateful for the moderation my Guides have done and the lessons they are slapping onto me. I am also really blessed to have Reiki with me to quickly refill my tank.

In order to reach and benefit more people, I am excited to inform that I will be doing regular small focused workshops and talks will continue as usual. Large group reading sessions shall be reserved for a kinder schedule at the moment. Please be sure to subscribe to my newsletter or email list at my web (www.originofsong.com) to receive updates on all upcoming events, workshops and retreats etc.

In the meantime, I shall go back to Snooze-land with my Reiki hands.

EDIT: 2019 – Workshops and talks are not conducted at the moment until further notice, except for private Readings. For updates and information, please visit my site at www.originofsong.com 

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