Can You Change the Future?

Recent Korean dramas have been shining the spotlight on psychic abilities – abilities that baffle and amaze classic humans and hence make the perfect plots for dramas. On air since some weeks ago, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ focuses on one psychic ability – precognition, one that is close to my heart and my life and possibly to a larger minority out there.

Precognition is the ability to see a future event while sleeping, mainly through your (vivid) dreams. There may be strong emotions and clear senses involved in your dream experiences just like a waking event. There is also an inner knowing; a knowing that some event is going to occur upon waking up.

Every episode of this drama tells of many messages of deep meanings, which like peeling the layers of an onion, are not typically visible till further thought or on retrospection to match our own experiences.

  1. You cannot change the absolute,
    just like you cannot change the fact that the waters of the river will eventually flow to the sea or ocean and that you cannot stop its course, (much less a river with rushing waters).
  1. You can change the variables through your free will.
    You can change the path where the water flows and similarly, the choices you make in your life can change the path you walk on and determine your experience, your journey.

Why do I get those dreams? Why do I receive those messages? You wonder. Those dreams take up much of your energy and you end up not getting a good night’s sleep and occasionally temporarily emotionally unstable. This can be a nightly affair, resulting in exhaustion. There are many scientific theories surrounding dreams but if your gut tells you there is a deeper meaning to it and/or what you saw is very likely going to happen, trust that inner knowing.

  1. You are the channel, the medium, the postman.
    There is a purpose for why we are made known of a message or event in advance. Often, it is because we have been tasked the job of a postman, to deliver the message to the intended recipient without judgment of the content. A message that bears no significance to you could mean the world for him/her.

Knowing about an impending happening subconsciously changes our behaviour and the way we would handle it. It is no one’s intention to result in unfavourable actions hence the advice here is to respond, not react. What matters to most of us is that we would like to tie up any remaining loose ends we have to settle in our current life before moving on to the next. Knowing about an impending event alters the way we perceive time.

Of course, there are many more messages and lessons we can draw from this show and from the happenings around us than from what I have shared here. There are also numerous variables that can affect your path(s). Even though it can be emotionally jerking to witness your dream coming true, there is also peace and beauty in allowing that flowing river to take its natural course.

Life is like a maze puzzle game; you can take the fastest path or a different and longer path, you will eventually still end up at the same destination.

Can you change your future, your paths? Believe that whatever you do, is right for you at that point in time, and let your river flow naturally. Your choices shall determine your experiences and your experiences shall determine the speed at which we will all meet at the big Ocean. 🙂

The “we” becomes stronger when the “you” becomes wiser.

 Photo credits: Kazuend @Unsplash, Suzy @Soompi

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