Human (or) Alien.

I had been getting a number of interesting reactions when I replied the all-common question shot at me, “What do you do (now)?”.

Incredulous stares (they can’t believe what they just heard), awkward laughter openly (they think it’s a joke regardless of my tone) and awestruck looks (they think it’s cool and that maybe we are an alien who read every thought in their innermost minds.We don’t really, for that matter..).

When I just started doing the work I do now full-time, I had frequently introduced myself as a healer, at times a psychic (now I simply state that I teach, which in fact is what I do to the best of what I can), and to a man off the street, many times it did seem beyond their normal comprehension from the responses and reactions (I tested a few different vocabularies for fun.. just to see the reactions *laughing*). Over several occurences, I had concluded that people probably understand the meaning and work of psychics and healers a little better compared to “mediums” the sort, thanks to the proliferation of (social) media, though it is still relatively a misunderstood word depending on what groups of people you interact with. Sharing what I do honestly in words has had generated a bit of fascination in the lives of people I’ve met and their reactions were something to get used to then.

You may also have thought that Singapore is a country forward in its thinking, cultures and all and open to wide and varied perspectives. Largely undisputed though as I move on in my personal journey, I encountered many who have not observed the evolutions humans and souls have gone through, disapproving traditionalism, modernism, gay relationships amongst others, and of course, spirituality. There is no right or wrong, though these seemingly closed doors got me thinking about how we stand in our spiritual progress as a country wedged between the East and the West. We talk about getting away from work and revitalising in another country, about finding great teachers and comrades overseas who can bring us forward in our inner search, about searching for our true purpose; why do we often search outside and away and not within, where our deep inner wisdom lies? This is a salient question to ponder. Trends and observations.

It matters not where we are geographically, for the largest unexplored ‘land’ is within ourselves.

The reactions I observe now are probably what most of our western and some eastern counterparts have had received years ago, but definitely not like the extreme distaste left in people decades then when people spoke about spiritual matters and treated them as taboo topics or aliens to be eliminated. Interestingly in America, celebrities are even announcing that their most personal Personal Advisors are their psychics, a trend that is becoming mainstream. Hollywood also has a regular show featuring the psychic medium.

Are we as a country, forward yet backward? This makes for an amusing contradiction. And I can’t say less of myself; we are One and are all ironies at play. 🙂

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