Get Up & Get Out.

Did you resolve to once again, make a new year resolution in January this year (and did not)? I will give you a pat on your back – at least you tried to! The likes of Procrastination tell us that we have a renewed opportunity once every year so there is no rush in getting it out by the 1st. So what would you have lined up for yourself for the remaining 180 days?

June is calling upon us and it is the time of the year when we reach the mid-point between jumping down a cliff or continuing to climb up the mountain, making it ever more so important to conduct an introspection. If you had set some concrete goals for yourself, review your progress on how high up the mountain are you already, or are you still sitting down among the rocks? If you had not, the star of June beckons you to set some goalposts and get your gear ready to sweat some stuff.

The June of this year would be one of the most amazing periods I would probably have on paper. It would be the mid-point of my quarter-century year, the age where many should be at their most radiant, healthiest and happiest, an age where you would reminisce beautifully about when you are double that at 50, thinking about all the wonderful or crazy things you have done and tried.

Contrary to most people who expect a simulating ride along the extreme waves of action and travel, my first half of 2016 has been one of the most spiritual and soul-searching seasons I have explored and experienced in my 25 years of living in this body and I do not reckon that the second half will be any less exciting! I am all ready with my feet in rugged boots (and sometimes track shoes), to get up from my cozy bed and get out of my endearing home, to search for what I truly call a fulfilling life; and that may just simply mean peace and happiness to most people.